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Started by MarkReid Nov 06 2013, 00:19
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Nov 06 2013, 00:19
I only have 50 copies left of The Inn Way to the Yorkshire Dales. Once these have sold out then sadly, after over 20 years of researching, writing and updating this book, I will be taking it out of print. Unfortunately, the combination of online discount retailers, lack of high street bookshops, pub closures, high print costs and declining printed book sales means that it is no longer finacially viable to re-print this book, nor convert it into e-book format. I will, of course, retain copyright and if I feel there is demand in the future then I may bring it back in a different format.
So, get The Inn Way books while you can!
PS - The Lake District, Peak District and North York Moors books are still in print! Last edit: MarkReid Nov 06 2013, 00:22

The Inn Way - By Mark Reid Carbon Footprint
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