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Started by Blaidd-Drwg Mar 16 2012, 22:26
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Mar 16 2012, 22:26
I just received my copy of 'The Inn Way... to the English Lake District. I scanned through it and didn't find the answer to logistics questions I have. Please forgive me if my questions seem naive, or just silly.
1. I see that the entire walk can be accomplished in 7 days. Does someone doing the entire walk normally carry clothing for the entire period? Will any of the hotels at the start point allow you to leave a bag with extra items during your walk.
2. Is there a way to have items transported to the next night's objective,thus allowing one to carry only provisions needed during the days walk.
3. Besides maps,compass/GPS and items such as wet weather gear, other clothing layers, maybe a change of socks, food and water, is there anything else one should carry.
4. Are there laundry facilities in any of the nights stops?

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Mar 20 2012, 11:55

Thanks for your post.

There's a baggage courier service for this walk, provided by Brigantes. Click on 'The Inn Way' tab at the top of this webpage and you'll find all the info you need to plan your walk.

I'm sure a B&B or hotel at Ambleside will allow you to leave a bag, as long as you stay with them at the start and finish of your walk.

As you point out, you should always carry the guidebook, maps, compass and headtorch to navigate. In addition to your waterproof coat, trousers, walking clothing, hat and gloves, you should also carry in your rucksack some spare clothing (fleece), first aid kit, lots of water (2 litres), food and high energy snack food, survival/bivvy bag, mobile phone. Then you might want to take a camera, i-pod to listen to music etc. And you'll need plenty of cash to buy pub lunches as there aren't many cashpoints in the western Lakes!

Hope this helps, and I hope you enjoy your walk.

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