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Started by Rangarajan May 03 2014, 18:12
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May 03 2014, 18:12
Thinking of doing the Lake District Inn Way with my boys aged 10 and 12. Anyone else done it with kids? I'm thinking that the longer stages are a bit too long? I'd be grateful for any suggestions for a) how to split it up into shorter stages over, say, 10 days or b) how to shorten it overall and still fit it into 7 days. Thanks.

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May 07 2014, 20:19
HI Rosie

Thanks for your message. I would say that the walk would be too tough for 10 and 12 year old children, as it's 90 miles over 7 days so includes multi-day walking over mountainous terrain, with the potential for adverse weather conditions. You could shorten Stage One by missing out Alcock Tarn and just follow the lane down into Grasmere. There's not much scope to shorten Stages Two, Three and Four as they are linear routes. You could shorten Stages Five and Six by combining them by heading up Walna Scar Road from Seathwaite in the Duddon Valley, thus missing out Broughton-in-Furness and all of Stage Six (although you'd need to check out the mileage of this combined route). Stage Seven is a challenging route, so I would recommend the 'low level' alternative, and then possibly catch a bus from the ODG back into Ambleside.

Hope you enjoy the walk

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Jul 18 2014, 22:16
I've just done the Lake District IW with my son (age 12) (and his dog) but agree 10 would be too young. Several of the stages could be shortened but not all (eg Buttermere-Boot). Plus with a child it becomes more weather-dependent: a long day in the sun is fine, a long day in the wind and rain would be a different prospect. You could turn it into a family holiday though by designating a driver to set the walkers off (or pick them up) along the route.

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Aug 14 2017, 06:53
My sister and I have just completed the route with some adjustments. the easiest bit to shorten is Buttermere to Boot,which we did in two days staying at Wasdale head-a lovely place to stay anyway.We also stayed at Broughton Mills and left out the bit to Broughton in Furnace.There are of course plenty of alternative routes between Coniston and Ambleside.

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