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Travel Book of the Week (The Inn Way... to the English Lake District)
The Sunday Times

Travel Book of the Week (The Inn Way... to the Peak District)
The Mail on Sunday

Travel Book of the Week (Town Trails North Yorkshire)
The Guardian

Lakeland Book of ther Year Awards 1999 (The Inn Way to the English Lake District)
Highly Commended

One of the "50 Best Walking Holidays" (The Inn Way... to the Peak District)
The Independent

Best Company Website of the Year 2010 (Ackrill Media Group Business Awards)

One of the "10 Best Walking Guides" (The Inn Way... to the English Lake District)
The Independent



"An hour and a half later, light-headed but not heavy-legged, we arrive at Braithwaite's Coledale Inn, and take our ease among the hot and prostrate walkers sprawled outside on the lawn. Twenty-five miles, 10 pubs and 14 ales,. Not worth one of Reid's certificates, perhaps, but an achievement all the same. Lying there in Skiddaw's mighty shadow with a valedictory pint of Blencathra at my side I feel I've seen the Lakes as they should always be seen: in blazing sun and a beery haze."
The Financial Times

'It's about appraising your place in the world. Artificial light is not natural, office light is not natural; walking is what we're meant to do." Well-trodden words for sure, but utterly convincing in the salty air – and when spoken by Mark Reid, the man behind the successful Inn Way long-distance walking and pub guides."
The Guardian

"His guides fuse local history, geography and geology with crystal-clear navigation."
The Sunday Times

"Mark Reid, a sort of Wainwright with booze."
The Sunday Times

"The latest book by acclaimed rambling scribe Mark Reid, it once again draws upon his extensive knowledge of the North Country's footpaths, historic villages and premiership boozers."
The Guardian

"The Inn Way books guide you through spectacular scenery to the finest pubs. Great walking, great pubs, it's a winning combination."
Country Walking magazine.

"...inspirational guidebook..."
The Sunday Telegraph

"Reid's idea is sufficiently different to make this a frontrunner."
The Sunday Times

"Read and drink – simply one of the greatest holidays available on this planet."

"...the misty-eyed quotes about the Dales are worth a read themselves."
The Times

"Pubs and walking are bound together like love and marriage. Reid cleverly exploits this union in a well researched and lovingly written guide."
The Yorkshire Post

"It has done what every good walking book should do and made its reader want to get out there and do it... Sip it, savour it but get in quickly before it's five deep at the bar. I'd have paid to put it on my bookshelf. There can be no higher praise from a journalist."
Keighley News


The Inn Way... to the English Lake District
The Financial Times 1-page travel feature (June 2011)
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The Inn Way... to Northumberland
The Guardian 1-page travel feature (January 2011)
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The Inn Way... to the Yorkshire Dales
The Guardian 2-page travel feature (April 2009)
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The Inn Way... to the Yorkshire Dales
The Eagar Brothers adventure travel TV series - "Which Way to... Kettlewell?", screened on Canadian TV and National Geographic Channel (worldwide).

Walking Weekends: Peak District
The Sunday Times featured a 2-page travel article (2006) about Mark Reid's latest guidebook - Walking Weekends: Peak District. Read the article here:



The Inn Way - By Mark Reid Carbon Footprint
Walking with Elvis