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The Inn Way... to the North York Moors

89 miles, 6 days, 31 pubs...

Accommodation Guide

It is essential to book accommodation in advance as it can get fully booked up during the summer months and may close temporarily during the winter months.

Accommodation will be required for Helmsley (start/finish), Hutton-le-Hole, Levisham, Egton Bridge, Rosedale Abbey and Hawnby.

HELMSLEY - Pub / Hotel / B&B / Shop / Cafe / Youth Hostel

HUTTON-LE-HOLE - Pub / Hotel / B&B / Shop / Cafe / Camp

LEVISHAM - Pub / B&B / Youth Hostel (Lockton)


ROSEDALE ABBEY - Pub / B&B / Shop / Cafe / Camp

HAWNBY - B&B / Shop / Cafe


Accommodation in Helmsley

Carlton Lodge, Helmsley
Tel: 01439 770557

Red Roofs, Helmsley
Tel: 01439 770175

Youth Hostel, Helmsley

Accommodation in Hutton-le-Hole

Burnley House, Hutton le Hole

Tel: 01751 417548

Barn Guest House, Hutton le Hole

Accommodation in Levisham

Horseshoe Inn, Levisham
Tel: 01751 460240

Rectory Farm, Levisham

Accommodation in Egton Bridge

Broom House Accommodation & Whites Restaurant, Egton Bridge
Tel: 01947 895279

Horseshoe Hotel, Egton Bridge
Tel: 01947 895245

Accommodation in Rosedale Abbey

August Guest House, Rosedale Abbey
Tel: 01751 417328

Sevenford House, Rosedale Abbey
Tel: 01751 417283

White Horse Farm Inn, Rosedale Abbey
Tel: 01751 417595 / 01751 417239

Shepherds Hut, Dale Head Farm, Rosedale
(2 miles from Rosedale Abbey along route of Stage Four)
Tel: 01751 417353

Feversham Arms, Church Houses
(4 miles from Rosedale Abbey along Stage Five of route)
Tel: 01751 433206

Accommodation in Hawnby

Easterside Farm, Hawnby
Tel: 01439 798277

Laskill Grange, Hawnby
(1.5 miles off route)
Tel: 01439 798268


This accommodation guide is intended for general information purposes only, and is not an exhaustive list. Mark Reid has not inspected, and therefore does not recommend, any of the accommodation providers listed above. The contract for accommodation is between the person making the booking and the accommodation provider. Mark Reid accepts no liability whatsoever for any of the accommodation listed above. Please contact the accommodation provider directly to discuss your requirements.


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